Q200 Service at 330KV Substation

The 330KV substation is located in Pingliang,Gansu Province.This project is not only a key project of power construction, but also a major project in the city. It can solve the problem of low voltage in Jingning and Zhuanglang counties effectivly, and improve the reliability of power supply.

At the initial stage of GIS installation, Q200 tracer gas leak detector helps with leakage detection.

The Q200 ultra high sensitivity trace gas leak detector displays leak rate or concentration,Its portable and extremely easy to use for locating and quantifying leaks in a wide range of applications.

The system comprises a carrying case containing the power supply and electronics, a small cylinder of compressed argon gas and the main display panel. A second display on the hand-held detector probe enables the operator to monitor measurements even when working in difficult locations. The probe has a 3.5m umbilical connection.

Extremely small leaks can be identified and measured due to the unit's optimum combination of a pressurized trace gas technique and the use of the highly sensitive and selective Electron Capture detection system.




D-Industrial are pay more attention to the green environment and contributes a strength to the power industry.

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