NEBB Discipline: Fume Hood Testing (FHT)

As more facilities are using fume hoods in their research laboratories, there is a demand for certified, competent firms to make sure a facility's fume hoods are operating effectively.


Certification in Fume Hood Testing (FHT) will offer hospitals, laboratories, and educational facilities proof of technical knowledge, skills and instrumentation to test fume hoods for effectiveness.



Procedural Standard for Fumehood Performance Testing




The purpose of the NEBB Procedural Standard for Fume Hood Performance Testing is to establish a uniform and systematic set of criteria for the performance testing of fume hoods.

This publication is the second edition of the Procedural Standard. Similar to the other NEBB disciplines, the Procedural Standard serves as the anchor for the program. Fume hoods and other safety control environments, such as bio-safety cabinets, offer a distinct set of challenges to the firms and individuals testing the field performance of these specialized containment enclosures.


The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has developed an ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 110 Method of Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hoods. Another standard is ANSI/AIHA Standard Z9.5 Laboratory Ventilation. These publications define the testing procedures to be used when testing fume hoods and are well recognized and respected in this area of expertise. The NEBB discipline builds on these standards and complements them by providing a program that combines their testing requirements with a complete package for firm certification.


The NEBB Procedural Standard and the NEBB Fume Hood Certification Program define the requirements for Firm Certification, Certified Professional qualifications, educational, and experience requirements, as well as reporting and instrumentation requirements.


This second edition represents an update from the past edition and remains divided into two distinct Parts: Standards and Procedures. This Procedural Standard has been developed using language defined by "Required" (Minimum Requirements) as it relates to the standards and procedures described in this manual.


These standards and procedures are intended as the minimum NEBB requirements that a CF must follow when performing FHT procedures. Contract documents supersede the NEBB requirements. This FHT Procedural Standard has been carefully compiled and reviewed by the NEBB FHT Committee.



Part 1 covers the Definitions, as well as requirements for Quality Control and Compliance, Instrumentation Requirements and FHT Reports. The report requirements allow the CF flexibility in designing their reports by defining sets of information that is required to complete the NEBB Certified FHT Report.



Part 2 covers Health and Safety, Laboratory and Cleanroom Protocol, Overview of Testing Requirements and the required Testing Procedures.



The Appendices includes recommendations, suggested NEBB FHT specification, test illustrations, ejector specifications, references and engineering formulas.



Instrument Requirements


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