Enlit Asia 2023 in Jakarta Indonesia

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Enlit Asia

14-16 November 2023
ICE, BSD City, Jakarta, Indonesia

an annual conference and exhibition for the power and energy sector, showcasing expert knowledge, innovative solutions and foresight from industry leaders, coherent with ASEAN's strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low-carbon energy future.

About Enlit Asia

Enlit Asia engages power and energy professionals in Southeast Asia year-round to connect, educate and advance the energy transition.

Whether it be digitally or in-person at live events, we bring the industry together to improve the availability, reliability and sustainability of energy in the region.

At Enlit Asia, we aim to break down silos and foster greater collaboration across the industry by connecting and engaging all stakeholders in the ASEAN energy sector, from policymakers and regulators to technology providers and energy consumers, as well as bringing in international perspective from US, Europe, and Australia into one single platform to take action towards a sustainable energy future for Southeast Asia.


Southeast Asia has grown significantly during the last two decades, with the region experiencing rapid economic development and modernisation. This trajectory, however, has come at a tremendous environmental cost, with emissions growth rates considered to be among the highest in the world. Despite being close neighbors, Southeast Asian countries are at radically different phases of their energy transition, which further hinders the goal of net-zero emission and carbon neutrality targets.

Following the pandemic and persisting geopolitical tensions, ASEAN's energy sector face myriad uncertainties with heightened threats to energy security and affordability. Member states that have established net zero targets would consequently require intraregional collaboration and international support to meet these goals.

2022 has been a challenging year in the energy sector, the journey to net-zero is just catching speed and so are we.

Why Indonesia in 2023?

The energy transition has different characteristics in every region, yet the overarching story is the same: how we harness, trade, deploy and use energy is changing radically and rapidly.

As the largest country in ASEAN, Indonesia accounts for around two fifths of the region's energy consumption. Energy demand across the country's more than 17,000 islands could increase by four fifths and electricity demand couple triple between 2015 and 2030. To meet this demand, Indonesia is not only shifting reliance on domestic coal and imported petroleum, but also adding more renewables to its energy mix. The country has set out to achieve 23% renewable energy use by 2025, and 31% by 2050.

Harnessing its renewables potential is expected to require over USD 16 billion of investment per year over the period to 2030.

Join us in driving the energy transition with Indonesia and explore opportunities in:

  • Meeting growing electricity demand by capturing renewable energy resource

  • Developing renewables for industry, buildings and transport

  • An integrated and comprehensive bioenergy programme and ensuring sustainable development and use of this vital energy source

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