College of Mining Engineering Taiyuan University of Technology


The College of Mineral Engineering features an integrated cultivation system of colliery talents, divided into 7 teaching Departments of Mining Engineering, Safety Science and Engineering, Underground Engineering, Geoscience and Engineering, Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology, Mineral Processing Engineering, and Colliery Mechanical and Electrical Technology, and two experimental centers of Mining and Geoscience. We have a Key Lab for In-situ Property Improvement Mining, Ministry of Education, Shanxi Institute of Mining Technology (SXIMT), Shanxi Green Mine Engineering Technology Center, and Shanxi Safety Engineering Technology Center. The College has 9 majors of bachelor’s degree, namely mining engineering (divided into directions of mining, colliery electrification, and colliery machinery), safety engineering, resource exploration engineering, geological engineering, exploration technology and engineering, surveying and mapping engineering, geographic information science, mineral process engineering, and urban underground space engineering. Among them, mining engineering, mineral process engineering, resource exploration engineering, and surveying and mapping engineering are brand majors of Shanxi Province, and safety engineering is a feature major of the Ministry of Education and one of the majors that first carry out the Excellent Engineers Training Plan. The College now has 215 faculty and staff, including 181 teachers, 15 party and administrative staff, and 20 instructional assistants. Among them, there is 1 double-employed academician, 2 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 4 Sanjin Scholars, and 2 specially-appointed professors of Shanxi 100 Talent Program, 29 professors, and 71 associate professors (including 23 doctoral supervisors and 91 master supervisors), 10 senior engineers, and 106 lecturers and engineers. There are 149 teachers with a doctorate. We now have 2 first-level-discipline programs for post-doctoral studies of mineral engineering and safety science and engineering, and 8 doctorate conferring programs of mining engineering, geotechnical engineering, mineral process engineering, mineral resource prospecting and exploration, engineering mechanics, safety science and engineering, underground engineering and colliery electromechanical engineering; 13 master’s degree conferring programs of mining engineering, safety science and engineering, mineral resource prospecting and exploration, engineering mechanics, geodetection and information technology, map cartography and geographic information engineering, mineral process engineering, geological engineering, geodesy and surveying engineering, photogrammetry and remote sensing, geotechnical engineering, underground construction, and colliery electromechanical engineering; and 3 Master of Engineering conferring programs of mineral engineering, geological engineering and safety engineering. The Mining Engineering is a key discipline in Shanxi and China. The Safety Science and Engineering, Mineral Prospecting and Exploration, and Mineral Process Engineering are key disciplines in Shanxi. Now we have over 500 registered doctorate and master degree candidates, over 300 candidates for master of engineering, and more than 3,500 undergraduates.

Our College, aiming at cultivating high-level professionals in technology, research and management, enjoys strong teaching and research abilities, and have up-to-date teaching and research facilities. We have undertaken over 30 international cooperation, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and national key projects, over 100 provincial and ministerial projects, and more than 300 businesses-entrusted scientific research projects. We have the ability to offer comprehensive services in mineral resource exploration, mine design and technological development, mine safety, surveying and mapping and geographic information system (GIS) design, and mineral processing.

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