Testing Kits for ASHRAE 110-2016

Fume hood performance testing requires a lot of hardware and professional software.The fume hood performance testing kit manufactured by D-Industrial contains everything (hardware and software) required to perform ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016 (AM, AI and AU).D-Industrial fume hood performance test kit was designed on the basis of nearly 5 years of fume hood testing experience. It has a powerful fume hood test hardware and software configuration and is fully mobile even in complex field environments.

Specification Detail
  • ANSI/ASHRAE 110 is the national standard for chemical fume hood performance testing ASHRAE 110in the United States.The fume hood performance test kits supplied by D-Industrial is very suitable for the testing of all items in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016 standards;

  • The SF6 ejector was manufactured according to standard drawing # 110-83m;

  • The internal critical orifice is accurately calibrated by the mass flowmeter to ensure the flow rate of 4 L/min;

  • The SF6 Tracer Gas Analyzer Q200 and Mannequin are used for Tacer Gas Test;

  • The Face Velocity Test Kit measures the fume hood face velocity.Test data can be recorded, calculated and exported in real time by professional software;

  • D-Industrial fume hood performance test software guides each step of fume hood performance test, automatically records all original data of fume hood performance test, and finally automatically generates a complete test report.



SF6 Tacer Gas Analyzer Q200 | SF6 Trace Gas Leak Detector Q200

The SF6 tracer gas analyzer Q200 uses advanced ECD sensing technology and can detect at least 0.01ppm SF6.The Q200 response time is less than 1 second, and the reading can be stabilized at the maximum concentration in less than 2 seconds.


Description: SF6 Tracer Gas Analyzer | Ultra High Sensitivity SF6 Trace Gas Leak Detector

s   Sensor : Electron capture(ECD)

s   Leak Rate : 1 x 10-8 ml/s , 0.01ppm [With optional capillary inlet,1 x 10-10mL/s SF6]

s   Response : 1 sec (85% of reading)

s   Concentration Sensitivity   : 0.01 ppm

s   Recovery time    : 2sec

s   Accuracy : ±5% of   reading

s   Dimensions(h x w x d)   : Case: 43 x 40 x 23 cm

s   Weight : Hand held  probe: 0.9 Kg (2.0 lbs)

s   Output : RS232 interface port Analogue 0–2 V

s   Battery use time : 20 Hours

s   Display : Alpha numeric VFD

s   Options : Calibrated leaks

s   Manufacturing Standards   : To ISO 9001:2015 Certified,to CE requirements




SF6 Ejector Kit

The SF6 Ejector kit includes: SF6 ejector, calibrated critical orifice (release flow 4 L/min at 30 psi), special gas pressure regulator, pressure gauge (0 to 60 psi), and quick connector.


The SF6 ejector is manufactured according to the ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016-4.2 Ejector System (FIGURE 4.1 to 4.3).The Orifice was manufactured in accordance with the ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016-4.3 Orifice parameters, and the release rate of SF6 was controlled to be 4 liters per minute (4 Lpm) at the pressure of 30 psi.



s   SF6 Ejector   : manufactured according to ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016-4.2 Ejector SystemFIGURE 4.1 to 4.3

s   Orifice : At 30 psi,   SF6 releases at a rate of 4 l/min(4 Lpm)

s   Gas pressure Regular   : Double pressure gauges, suitable for special gases

s   Pressure Gauge : 0 to 60 psi




Face Velocity Test Kit

Four high precision air velocity transducer and high performance data logger are   integrated.Through it, the face velocity of the fume hood can be tested quickly without interference, and the data can be automatically recorded,   calculated and reported by special software.



s   Air Velocity Transducer :   Range0.15 2 m/sReading accuracy ±3%or(±0.15 m/s

s   Data Logger : The full range accuracy is 0.092%, and the acquisition frequency can reach 50000  times/channel/second

s   Weight : 6 kg

s   Power : Use built-in lithium battery or alternating current




The Smoke Generator

The Smoke Generator is mainly used for visualization test of fume hood .It includes a small smoke generator and a large smoke generator.Because testers often face the fume hood when performing tests, extra care should be taken to ensure that the tester's body does not interfere with smoke visualization.


Safe,non-toxic, non-flammable pharmaceutical-grade smoke oil, specially designed for this smoke machine, can provide high quality safety smoke   generation.The rapid diffusion of smoke produced by the smoky oil makes the device suitable for various applications, such as visualization of laboratory airflow patterns. A 500mL smoky oil can provide a total of 250 minutes (over 4 hours) of smoke generation at high smoke production (2mL/min consumption) and 500 minutes (8 hours) of smoke generation at low smoke production (1mL/min consumption).




Large-Volume   Smoke Generator

Equipped with 1000W high-power smoke generator and electronic thermostatic control system, it can continuously generate a large amount of white smoke.





The mannequin kit includes a mannequin, a retractable support frame and a lab coat. The mannequin is compatible with the parameter requirements specified in ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016.