Testing Kits for EN 14175-3

For EN 14175-3:2019 Fume Cupboard Performance Testing Hardware and software.

Specification Detail
  • EN 14175-3:2019 is a pan-European standard for testing the performance of chemical fume cupboard. D-industrial's EN 14175-3: 2019 fume cupboad performance test kits are well suited for testing all items performed in accordance with EN 14175-3: 2019;

  • EN 14175-3:2019 fume cupboard performance test system includes fume cupboard test software, SF6 analyzer Q200,inner measurement plane test kit, outer measurement plane test kit, test gas injector kit, Programmable Rectangular Plate, Face velocity test kit, sample pump, etc.

  • SF6 Tracer Gas Analyzer Q200 is used for containment analysis of tracer gas for inner measurement plane test, outer measurement plane test , Robustness of containment and air exchange efficiency test.

  • Face Velocity Test Kit measures the face velocity of fume cupboard. Test data can be recorded, calculated and exported in real time with professionally developed software;

  • The D-Industrial fume cupboard performance test software guides each step of fume cupboard performance test,automatically records all original data of fume cupboard performance test, and finally automatically generates a complete test report.

  • Inner Measurement Plane Test Kit

Inner Measurement Plane Test Kit

       The test kit contains nine Sample probes, a Test Gas Injector and a Sampling Manifold.This kit meets the requirements of EN 14175-3:2019 5.3.1.

  • Outer Measurement Plane Test Kit

Outer Measurement Plane Test Kit

       This test kit contains a maximum of 30 Sample probes and a Sampling J Anifold. The parameters meet the requirements of EN 14175-3:2019 5.3.1.

  • Test Gas Injector Test Kit

Test Gas Injector Test Kit

       This test kit contains 9 Test Gas Injector and a Sampling J Anifold. The parameters meet the requirements of EN 14175-3:2019 5.3.1.

  • Programmable Rectangular Plate

Programmable Rectangular Plate

       Manufactured in accordance with EN 14175-3:2019 5.4.1.The device is also equipped with programmable motion control sensors that control the speed 

       and distance of movement.

  • Sample Pump

Sample Pump

       The sampling rate can be adjusted and the adjustable range is 0-20L/min.

  • Face Velocity Test Kit

Face Velocity Test Kit 1

       Four high precision air velocity transducer and high performance data logger are integrated.Through it, the face velocity of the fume hood can be 

       tested quickly without interference, and the data can be automatically recorded, calculated and reported by special software.


       - Air VelocityTransducer : Range:0.15 – 2 m/sReading accuracy ±3%or(±0.15 m/s)

       - Data Logger : The full range accuracy is 0.092%, and the acquisition frequency can reach 50000 times/channel/second

       - Weight : 6 kg

       - Power : Use built-in lithium battery or alternating current.

  • SF6 Tacer Gas Analyzer Q200


       The SF6 tracer gas analyzer Q200 uses advanced ECD sensing technology and can detect at least 0.01ppm SF6.The Q200 response time (T90) is less 

       than 1 second, and the reading can be stabilized at the maximum concentration in less than 2 seconds.

       Description : Ultra High Sensitivity SF6 Trace Gas Leak Detector

       - Sensor : Electron capture

       - Leak Rate : 1 x 10-8 ml/s [With optional capillary inlet,1 x 10-10mL/s SF6]

       - Response : 1 sec (85% of reading)

       - Concentration Sensitivity : 0.01 ppm

       - Recovery time  : <2sec

       - Accuracy : ±5% of reading

       - Dimensions(h x w x d) : Case: 43 x 40 x 23 cm

       - Weight : Hand held probe: 0.9 Kg (2.0 lbs)

       - Output : RS232 interface port Analogue 0–2 V

       - Battery use time : 20 Hours

       - Display : Alpha numeric VFD

       - Options : Calibrated leaks

       - Manufacturing Standards : To ISO 9001:2015 Certified,to CE requirements